i love cakes! it's my passion...

Any old excuse for a cake will do, any old cake will not.

A cake needs to both look beautiful and fitting for whoever it is for, and needs to be delicious. There's no sacrificing one for the other. I want you to look at one of my cakes and love it, then taste it and love it more.

I take pride in using the best ingredients and whenever I can I use local ingredients as well and I use as little artificial flavorings as possible. My red velvet cake gets it's red from beets as opposed to food dye.

Signature Cake Flavors

  • vanilla butter classic buttery cake like grandma used to make
  • devil's food the chocolatiest of chocolates
  • honey lemon beware of bees (sweet and tart)
  • coconut island flavor
  • hummingbird this is a southern classic ya'll
  • red velvet better than blue suede
  • carrot that rascally wabbit never had it this good

Signature Icing Flavors

  • vanilla bean the essence of elegance & sophistication
  • chocolate rich chocolately indulgence
  • honey lavender tupelo honey with a touch of fragrant lavendar
  • coconut delectable tropical flavor
  • cream cheese carrot cake's best friend

* Don't see your favorite flavor? Don't worry. These are only my signatures. If it exists I can make it.... Just drop me a note with your cake wishes and I'll make them come true.

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