sophisticated jellies not to be taken lightly

The adult gummy bear. simple and not artificially flavored. Pâte de fruit are slowly reintroducing themselves to the world. These fruit flavored jellies, originally from France, can be made in an endless array of flavors. My signatures listed below are only a fraction of the possible flavors. I make all my pâte de fruit from fresh fruit so if the fruit exists it very well may make for the perfect pâte de fruit. If the fruit is in season the pâte de fruit is that much more delectable!

Signature Pate de Fruit Flavors

  • black currant
  • apricot
  • melon
  • elderflower
  • lychee
  • raspberry
  • strawberry

*Limitations -- If the fruit is not in season I won't make the pate de fruit. It's only good one way and that way is fresh and in season.

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