Baked Goodies

just like mama used to make

My favorite times of the year are fall and winter. Frozen wet socks on the radiator, hands so cold you can't even feel them, bone chilling cold running throughout your body, solution... pie. A delicious slice (or two) of warm pie is a great way to keep the body warm when the weather outside goes north.

Signature Pie Flavors

  • apple
  • blueberry
  • pumpkin
  • pecan
  • lemon meringue
  • peach
  • cherry

The winter holiday season is always packed with good excuses to eat all kinds of pies. So what do we do we eat in the summer? Tarts of course. Lighter desserts are better for the summer and a tart topped with fresh berries or filled with lemon curd will make your summer days so much sweeter.

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