Who Is Bakette?

bakette isn't my real name... my name is heather louise wade-benderly. louise was my grandmother's name. she was a phenomenal home baker and my earliest inspiration... she and julia child.

Whilst other girls my age were reading Judy Blume, I was busy studying the recipes of Julia. Perhaps she reminded me of my grandmother? I finally inherited my grandmother's coveted recipes and cook books after she died, and I often find myself poring over them, searching for handwritten notes and personal instructions. When I grew up I attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York. I've honed my craft in the best kitchens from Scotland to London and back to Washington DC, and I still feel the same excitement about food and baking that I did as a kid.

This obsession has been growing since childhood. A day without baking leaves me restless, and I try to get into the kitchen every day. I was, and remain fascinated by the endless array of delicious treats that can be created from such a few simple ingredients like flour, eggs, milk and sugar.

Baking gives me the chance to create something that tickles all the senses...taste, sight, smell. The taste, texture and visual impact should all be equally outstanding. I do believe that your results are only as good as what you put into it, so I put my all into everything I do. If you tell me you want a strawberry tart, I am going to use my own homemade strawberry preserves, made with strawberries I have either sourced from the local farmers market or gone and picked myself. I also enjoy knowing that I am supporting my local businesses and farmers, so I do try and get everything from as close to home as I can.